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"After taking a workshop with Alicia and Laura, I'm walking away with an increased self-awareness that will positively affect connections and conversations that I have with my peers.  I will try not to be afraid of having difficult conversations and I will be more authentic." 

Maria C

"Since working with Laura and Alicia, I've been able to use so many of the principles learned in real life situations when I've needed to cut myself some slack as a parent and employee.  As a parent, I have myself permission to be away from my kids so my husband and I can go out to dinner and celebrate our anniversary.  That gave me an opportunity to show up as a wife and talk about our journey without distractions. As an employee, I gave myself permission to take a day off after a brutal week of preparing, executing and completing a project. It gave me the sleep/rest I required and the mental break I needed to re-engage in my other responsibilities."

-Elizabeth S. 

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